Having Fun With Math and Science

 My Students

My classroom is a year round full day program. Having the children so many months we are always looking for new a fun ways to mix up the classroom. The children learn new experiences through hands on exploration. They love playing with new games and the light table would provide a new way to learn.

My students are curious and active learners!

Our mission statement at Head Start is to “support families and prepare children for success in school and in life”. Our school is located in Lansing, Michigan and serves the families of the greater Lansing area. Our school provides preschool education to families with low income or ‘at risk’ children.

Children attend Head Start to reduce or eliminate the educational barrier that could interfere with the educational achievements in kindergarten and beyond. Head Start gives them the classrooms with working families. We strive to support, love and encourage both our families and children.

My Project

The math and discovery area games will enhance and create new opportunities to learn through hands on play. They will practice letter recognition, math skills and sorting skills. The new books will provide literacy development and letter recognition.

They will work on their letter recognition, fine motor skills as they practice sorting the different materials in a new and interesting way!

They will learn counting objects, as well as working on the concept of opposites, inside and outside, longer and shorter, letters, names, rhyming words and more. They will learn how to create different shapes through new and exciting games.

These materials will benefit the children in the room currently and the future kids to come.


Good news: Project fully funded!

Dear Hometown Hero Project,

WOW Thank you so much for kind donations! these new supplies will affect my current students and students to come in the future. We are anxious and excited to receive our materials. We are so thankful for the generous donations and for believing in out next generations of future learners.

With gratitude,
Ms. Skyla