Educate and raise awareness among the general public about the active duty military, veterans, police officers, 1st responders and teachers who work for a better community by promoting the values of duty, honor, sacrifice and patriotism.


Duty – Just as our Heroes answered their nation’s call of duty, we believe it is our duty to give back to this dedicated and loyal group.

Honor – We believe that our Heroes deserve to be honored by all those they teach, serve and protect.

Sacrifice – Our Heroes often have sacrificed so much to make America a better country and secure our liberties and safety, they deserve to be acknowledged for those sacrifices.


Chairman: Scott Balsiger.
Scott served in the United States Navy onboard the USS Macdonough DDG39 and USS Hunley AS31. He is a member of The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and Fleet Reserve Association.

Secretary: Mark Kirby, Public Adjuster
Mark offers HAH a strong background in management including; logistics, shipping, purchasing/sourcing, scheduling, inventory control, contracting and human resources

Treasurer: Shane Carter. Banker, Wells Fargo
Shane was deployed twice to Iraq – his first deployment was in the fall of 2005 to Baghdad with route clearance missions as his responsibility. While performing his duties a vehicle in front of his Humvee was hit by an IED. The vehicle was disabled, but everyone was able to escape alive. Immediately after the first strike, Shane’s Humvee was also hit by an IED. As the Gunner, Shane was dazed and stunned from the blast, but was able to escape with his life. He was peppered with shrapnel, which was not removed until 2010, and was afflicted with a constant ringing in his ears, or more commonly known as Tenitis. Spc. Carter was awarded the Purple Heart, Combat Action Badge, Global War on Terrorism, and Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medals.