Due to the physical and cognitive limitations, my students are unable to speak or hold a pencil to write like their same age peers. Currently, we have personalized name stamps and alphabet stamps but are always looking for ways to help them access writing and communication more and more. I have recently learned about two pieces of technology that I feel could truly give my students the opportunity to “write”.

The first is called “Tigglys”. These are stamps pertaining to letters, numbers, and shapes, that students can stamp on an iPad or tablet and see the letter as well as hear the letter repeated to them. These would allow them to actually spell out their names and other words letter by letter. It also gives them the opportunity to work with numbers and counting.

The second piece is called “Osmo”. It consists of a base and a red reflector, which are attached to an iPad. The reflector enables the iPad to read what is in front of them. This would give my students opportunities to create words with stamps and other letter and number objects and have them appear on the screen. I couldn’t be more excited or more hopeful when thinking about using these in my classroom. These would be used daily and would give my students another incredible avenue for communicating.