Educating Our Future
We Fight to Support the Inspirational Men and Women Enlightening the Minds of Children Throughout the Nation.

Teachers are Heroes Too

Children are the future of our country and teachers instill knowledge, social skills and self-esteem in their students lives every single day.

Our team takes great pride in being able to help teachers across the nation make their students learning experiences exciting and fulfilling.

Thanks to our clients and our partnerships, we are able to continue to help teachers motivate their students in positive ways!

We have donated more than $26,000 in order to assist students and classrooms across the USA buy school supplies and technology to expand children's minds with creativity.

Helping over 500 classrooms and over 48,000 students in all 50 states!

We rushed to help Mrs. Borders of Georgia in her quest to purchase Playdough Alphabet mats and storage for the classroom's collection of larger books to grow her students spelling and vocabulary skills.

We were honored and privileged to help Mississippi teacher, Mrs. Steffens, purchase iPads and LEGO blocks to increase STEM activities and give her students as many advantages she could.

Our program helped raise funds for Mrs. Obando, a California elementary school teacher, who wanted to promote diversity by filling her classroom with books focused on valuing one another's differences.

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Teachers play a special role in the development of children and are often under appreciated for the work they do. We thank our clients for giving us the ability to give back and show these hard-working men and women their love of teaching matters.