First Graders on the Move

My students need two balance ball bundles and an automatic ball inflator to be comfortable and remain focused.

My Students

My students this year are at different levels like every year. I love their enthusiasm when they ask to be challenged when they are being successful in class and want “harder” work. I admire them even more when they cheer on a classmate that needs more time to grasp a concept. They know that they progress at different levels and we are learning the power of the word “yet.” We might not know how to do something “yet” but we will work hard to get there.

My Project

As each year passes I have seen an increase of students unable to sit on a chair for too long. Many times I find my students sitting with their knees on their chairs or standing up. I have been reading about the benefits of flexible seating in the classroom. Flexible seating not only allows students to choose where to sit but also benefits them because they are able to move around more and are more comfortable which leads to having more calm, focused and productive students in the classroom.

The balance balls will be the start of a classroom transformation that will allow students to choose how they sit to best fit their needs therefore allowing them to be more focused and productive in class.