Big Book Storage

My students need storage for our big books and alphabet playdough mats.

My Students

I teach 22 kindergartners at a magnet school. This magnet school focuses on the arts. My students participate in the performing and visual arts on a daily basis. We dance, sing, paint, play instruments, and act in our classroom, too. All of these things play a huge role in the development of a student. Not only does it bring out their creativity, but it encourages development of different parts of the brain. How great is it that my students get to participate in such wonderful activities, such as these, everyday?

My Project

My classroom needs storage for our big books. Right now they are all stacked on a cart and it’s very difficult to find the book that we need. The books are also being torn up because every time we try to look for a book they fall all over the place. With this storage unit, the big books will be visible enough that we’ll be able to pull out the exact book we need without having to move all the other books. We also need some alphabet playdough mats for our center time. These mats will help students learn letter formation in a fun and creative way.