Fabrication in 3D

Help me give my students a da Vinci Jr 3D printer so they can take their design process to a whole new level of fabrication!

My Students

My students are 5th graders in an urban school. They are now entering their sixth year in a dual-immersion language program, through which they are attaining proficiency in two languages—English and Spanish.

My students are determined to overcome any obstacles they face in life.

The school neighborhood is in an area of high poverty, and 90% of the students in this class entered school with a primary language background other than English. However, my students will not let their circumstances label them as disadvantaged learners. They continue to make the best of the opportunities they are presented. As a result, they will finish their elementary school career with a strong academic background in not just one, but two languages!


My Project

This da Vinci Jr 3D printer and filament will give my students access to technology in a way they have never experienced. With it, they will have the opportunity to design and print modifications for their creations. We will also use this printer and filament to build the engineering designs they develop during our STEM-based science investigations and projects.

A 3D printer will help my students transfer their ideas from a 2-dimensional plan to a 3-dimensional prototype.

This is an integral concept for my future engineers, designers, and inventors. A 3D printer will enhance learning experiences for my students, as well as for other students in our school.