You + Me = We! The Importance Of Diversity!

Help me give my students books about diversity and comfy floor seating so we can have real discussions about how important diversity and multicuturalism is!

My Students

We are a Title I school with 90% of our students on free or reduced-price meal plans. We have many English language learner (ELL) students at our school. Over half of my students are ELL students. Our students come from working families and families who speak other languages at home. Some parents are not able to communicate in English with us, but we do have Spanish-speaking translators on site.

We want students to know that we will be there for them and give them as much as we possibly can. One great thing about our school is that we have one-to-one devices with iPads or Chromebook computers. For many students, this is the first time they have been able to use and engage with today’s technology.

My Project

My project is for an assortment of books that will teach my students about diversity and kindness. In today’s word we really need to show and teach our students how different people are and how that is OK. Having these books really make a difference in their lives as they will be able to have understanding and empathy for those that may be different than them.

Because of that I am also requesting comfy floor seats so we can have a place to discuss and share ideas about the world around us. These will also be used for a place where my students can go and read quietly with all our new books of diversity!