Flexible Seating for First Graders

My students need flexible seating to keep them focused on learning!

My Students

Our school is in a high poverty area. Our school is growing, and we have many new students. First grade is different now than when we were in school. We know so many more things about how to challenge our students and prepare them for their future.

Engagement is key for our students.

We want them to be engaged in their learning so they stay in school and succeed! My school has focused on engagement in all of our classrooms. We want our students to learn and be successful and have fun at the same time.

My Project

This project is going to make a huge difference in my classroom. Right now we only have traditional seating. But when we go to our library – they all love to use the wobble seats. They wiggle while listening to a book or a lesson. I am amazed at how they stay focused while their bodies are in constant motion. When I started to research I realized that flexible seating is not just a fad – but a research-based program that definitely increases the engagement of our students.

I want to use these wobble chairs for our small group instruction table.

These chairs will let them have their much-needed movement while still keeping them focused on their learning. I know it will make a huge difference in our classroom!



Oh my goodness! You made this teacher’s heart extremely happy today! You are all my heroes for sure! Thank you for funding this project!!


Good news: Project fully funded!

 At lunch I receive the awesome “You are funded” email from Donors Choose! Such a great day! I definitely feel appreciated on this week we celebrate teachers. Thank you also to so many others who helped me get this project funded. 🙂 You are all amazing. My students will be so excited to know it was funded so quickly.

With gratitude,
Mrs. B.