Book Bins, Clear Pockets & Privacy Folders!

Help me give my students book bins to hold the new poetry and graphic novels as well as some reusable write and wipe pockets that will help us use less paper in our classroom.

My Students

We are a true neighborhood school: about 80% of our students walk to school.

Parents walk or drive their children to school each day and this is a great way for their day to begin because families can chat and students can meet up with friends and classmates.

Our school day begins early in the morning and many of my students are waking up as they enter the ​class. We begin the day with a class meeting where each student is greeted with a friendly greeting.

My Project

Recently we have added graphic novels and poetry books to our class collection and now we need book bins to hold all these books.

When books are organized and the bins are labeled it is much more inviting for students to discover new books.

These new books, along with other books will be added to our classroom library with the help of the book bins I am requesting.

With the clear pockets we can use less paper for math games, math facts, spelling and word study, this is a goal for my school.

Sometimes we need a bit of privacy and these blue privacy folders are exactly what we need.