Las Vegas Shooting Victim – Heroic Fireman


Mike is a firefighter on a hot shot fire crew in Southern California. He was enjoying a weekend with two other firefighters attending the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas. When the shooting began, Mike observed a victim of the shooting go down in front of him with a life threatening injury. Instead of fleeing from danger Mike ran towards it and this victim. Mike immediately reverted back to his medical training by giving this victim several rounds of CPR while bullets impacted the ground around him. Mike continued giving this victim aid until he himself was shot in his right arm. Mike lost the function of his arm and couldn’t continue CPR. Mike later underwent surgery for his gunshot wound. The doctors have told him he may need additional surgeries and eventually physical therapy. Because of Mikes line of work, using hand tools, and fighting wild land fires he may be out of work for some time.

Latest Update

Mike is home! He was picked yesterday by his fire crew buddies and taken home to their fire camp in Devore. Mike is facing skin and bone graft to finish off the repair of his badly damaged arm. He will also be getting tons of therapy to regain full use of his arm. We are about halfway to the goal amount raised for Mike at this point, which is awesome! If you have not donated and can, please donate to Mike! Any donation any amount will help.