Reading Space Needed


Help me give my students a comfortable and welcoming reading space. Our students currently do not have a reading area to sit at and enjoy during silent reading time. Please help us with providing these materials for them.

My Students

Every morning I go to my classroom, I am embraced by my students. My students are phenomenal little human beings. They are full of life, spirit, energy, and hunger to learn. They remind me of me. They are full of happiness and joy to learn, give, play, and share with the world.

My students lift me up and inspire me every day to be the best person that I can be.

The way they embrace learning gives me hope in our coming future.

My Project

Please help us create a beautiful comfortable and inviting reading area for our students. Students currently do not have a space to enjoy reading for centers or silent reading time.

These materials such as the pillows and soft tree stools will make a difference in our students’ learning by allowing a space for students to enjoy reading, while also feeling comfortable doing so.

Reading is most enjoyed in a space that is inviting and welcoming for students.

By creating this space, students can feel comfortable and enjoy reading while also building great memories. My best memory of reading as a kid was when my teacher had this bunk bed area and I remember going up at the top on there and just falling in love with reading. Please help me build memories for our students so that they too can fall in love with reading in their new reading space!