Look At What I Can Do!


My students need a printer, headphones and dry erase markers.

My Students

Controlled and Engaged Chaos is how we roll!! Is there any other way to exist in a learning space shared with 27 amazing, diverse, creative 21st Century Learners. These students make the most of each and every day and come to school excited to learn and eager to engage with the world around them. They come from a variety of backgrounds, each one adding to their special stories. These stories help to form the learners and citizens they are becoming. Each encounter with the world around them, near and far makes them that much more ready to embrace their futures.

My Project

Having access to an in-room printer will allow my students to see their work immediately instead of having to send it to the main printer in the teacher’s workroom and hope it doesn’t get picked up by someone. Students also do several projects throughout the year where color copies are needed and the school does not have access to a color printer that students are able to use. We want to create beautiful colored projects.

I can’t hear it… I can’t find headphones…ugghhh!

The frustrations of living in a digital world. My kids would benefit from the purchase of headphones so that each student may have a pair of headphones to enhance digital learning and be conducive to the rest of the learning environment as well. We also need dry erase markers.


Good news: Thank you! – 1/7/2019

Dear Helping America’s Heroes,

How can I put into words the impact saving a teacher 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there can bring to a teacher? For as long as I can remember in my teaching tenure, I have needed to run to the copier (meaning find someone to monitor my class) and run down the hall to a copier that may or may not be in use. Then having that copier not be accessible to students :(. Having a computer in our classroom has not only eased a tremendous load of work worrying if I have enough copies or if printed the right student’s work. Not only that but my students are able to put into practice identifying different parts of speech in their writing by color coding them. This allows me to see that they understand where/how to use an adverbial phrase, as they have put it into a different color font.

Also, the amount of creativity that kids are able to exhibit when they are allowed to print in color is amazing. As far a creativity goes, allowing them access to headphones while they are working has helped tremendously especially for my students that struggle with paying attention when there are other distractions around. My students use the headphones also to create screen recordings of themselves teaching us something ( how to identify the different types of matter in science, or the route Merriwether Lewis and Clark took on their expedition. Every little thing that I can provide for my kids to make learning more meaningful and more engaging the better I feel that I have given them the power to do anything. I love seeing their learning grow beyond a worksheet and where they take home colorful printed documents excited to show their parents, or share documented videos that will exist for eternity.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You have made this teacher’s life just a little bit easier and her heart a little more full as I watch my student’s learning take off when their is nothing standing in the way of their success.

With gratitude,
Mrs. McKeel


Good news: Project fully funded! – 5/29/2018

Dear Hometown Hero Project,

I can’t believe another project has been funded. The opportunities for our classroom our truly endless. As a teacher you want nothing to stand in the way of the possibilities for your students and now thanks to generous sponsors through donors choose the possibilities are even more endless. I’m grateful and humbled by the generous donations!

With gratitude,
Mrs. McKeel