Cameron proudly served his country in the military for 12 years until he was injured and forced to be medically discharged, giving up a career he truly loved and lived for. He fought his way back physically through 4 back surgeries to once again be able to serve his country and fellow human beings by becoming a firefighter and risking his life for complete strangers without a second thought. After being injured again in the service of others and contracting this fatal disease while in the hospital after 3 arm surgeries, Cameron now needs the help from the very same people he would gladly have laid his life down for.

Over the last five months Cameron has been dealing with a great deal of physical, mental and financial hardships and his current healthcare provider is no longer able to give the proper care he needs and deserves. In order to get the medical attention needed, he must seek care outside of what his insurance is willing to cover, meaning all associated cost would be out of pocket. Things including doctor visits, tests, hospital stays, experimental medications, travel costs, etc. Kaiser doesn’t do experimental treatments like UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley etc so their hands are tied at this point. We set the goal at $100k knowing full well that the reality of the situation is, the total medical cost for something like this could cost upwards of a million dollars but we wanted to get it started so if we do find a specialist, we wouldn’t have to delay at least getting some kind of treatments started because Cameron doesn’t have the luxury of time as he is getting worse daily. Regardless of what we set the goal at, we want everyone to please remember that every little bit helps and are extremely thankful for each and every donation, prayer and message of support.