Cancer is a ugly word that has forever changed Chip Shearer’s life. Chip Shearers goal throughout his battle with Cancer has been to live life. He focused on his faith and his family. Although cancer has took its toll on Chip, (severe neuropathy in his hands and feet) was hoping to get back to work and be with fire department family again. The City of Cocoa decided to MEDICALLY TERMINATE Chip from his job as a Lt. Firefighter Paramedic. As of March 20th 2018 Chip no longer has a job or medical insurance. He gave over 18years of his life to the fire service, protecting and serving the City of Cocoa. So as each day passes Chip continues to try and focus on the positive things in life. He is still trying to deal with the side effects chemo has left him with, neuropathy, and blood clots. He counts the moments and takes deeper breaths because no matter what he is living life.

Chip is a firefighter, husband, father, and a friend to many. As many of you know firefighters suffer a higher incidence of cancer compared to the general population. Chip is one of those stricken. Chip and his wife Daniele have been advocates for firefighter cancer awareness for several years. He has not been able to work since June of 2017.